http://bible.us/Acts2.25.MSG “David said it all: I saw God before me for all time. Nothing can shake me; he’s right by my side.”

What an opening act (in the book of Acts) for the forerunner of the faith, known as Peter.

He’s standing before a crowd of strangers who are listening to believers speaking in various languages – each hearer hears them speaking in their native tongue!

BOLDLY, Peter steps to the fore and proclaims Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the path to salvation.

And as he preaches, he talks about Jesus’ fearlessness on the cross as proof he is the Messiah.

I believe this boldness is still a sign today! If we take this verse in Acts and apply it to our daily lives, people will see Christ in us by our boldness.

I’m encouraging myself to take on this challenge head-on. No more siphoning away the power of the Holy Spirit! I WILL SPEAK LIFE.


To do that, Jesus kept God in front of Him and never forgot He was right there by his side.

No rejection or controversy should scare us away from the truth!

Remember, lives depend on it.

Flame on!


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