We find it so easy to trust what everybody else is doing when it has no lasting effect.

Just think about the trendy diets as a perfect example.

But for an even better example, let’s talk about driving.

I’ve written before about how I’ve made the decision to drive no faster than the speed limit. I mean, it is the law. Right?

Not only is it RIGHT, but it will save me money (gas, no tickets 🙂  ) and it will protect me from being hurt.

Now, my decision impacts other drivers in a good way as well.

I’m not as much a danger to them and I become an example of proper and safe driving. This is particularly beneficial to young drivers,  buy everyone else as well.

With all that good stuff, I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that my driving is also rubbing people the wrong way.

They don’t see my example as much as they see how it doesn’t mesh with their determination to drive how they want to drive.

‘What’s wrong with this guy?” they ask.

“Doesn’t he see how everybody else is driving 10 miles OVER the speed limit, at least!”

“Speed up or get out of my way!”

Human mature is to find it hard to believe what submit to what someone else is doing when it does have eternal value – when it costs us something.

Many who don’t want to believe in Jesus may struggle with the thought they will have to give up their way of living – the way they WANT to drive.

If that’s your concern, be at peace. God is our Father. He knows what’s best for us. His “rules” are just His way of keeping us from hurting ourselves and hurting others.

He’s the ultimate Highway Patrolman. He wants us to be safe.

Just like some people can’t believe in the rules of the road, some people can’t seem to understand why so many millions of people do understand. God and Jesus are real!

And so is death.

So to make a decision NOT to believe, is to make a decision to accept death.


Except for one problem.

Jesus came so that you could have LIFE! (John 10:10)

I appeal to you to give Jesus a try. You don’t have to be perfect, just human.

And all it takes is a conversation and Jesus will turn your life around!

Pray with me:

Lord Jesus, I’ve tried things my way. And I just don’t have peace. I can’t trust myself to get it right. So now, I’m trusting you! I confess I’m a sinner. But I know I don’t have to be ashamed. You took the punishment for my sins on the cross. And I believe you’re alive today. That’s why I’m talking to you right now. Jesus I want to be in your family. I ask for your forgiveness and I accept it. I forgive myself. Now lead me in your will. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Bless you brother!

Bless you sister!

He’s your God and your daddy! Bless you Jesus for bringing us home to daddy!



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  1. Jacob Hoss Laughlin
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 10:38:27

    Nice thoughts and applications! I really like “to make a decision NOT to believe, is to make a decision to accept death.” I’ve met a lot of people who think they have to clean up their life to come to Christ. That makes about as much sense and taking a bath to get you ready to take a shower.

    Because we are dead sinners, we can’t do it on our own. Once we receive Christ and become justified by His blood, He begins to change us! The more we seek to be molded by Him and His word, the more we will be less and less of ourselves when we were in the state of Adam.

    I tell my teens frequently that the Christian life is a one of process and progression. While our Spiritual life is instantly changed at Salvation, our physical, emotional, and mental life needs to become the clay that Christ can mold into His image. This will take our whole life and won’t reach perfection till glory. Good stuff here. Keep it coming!


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