Ever noticed how funny it looks when someone has really big wheels on a little car? You know how people put those big wheels on a Honda Civic?

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “Where is that person going?”

And a lot of times you see them driving really fast or trying to drive fast in an older model vehicle with a loud muffler.

So not only is their behavior  quizzical, you also  wonder where they’re going. You wonder why are they making such a fuss and bringing attention to themselves when their vehicle is really worn out?

We can be the same way in our walk with Jesus Christ. A lot of time we are worn out and tired and really don’t know what we’re doing.

We try to go about life without praying about our decisions, without spending time with God – and the result is we look out of whack. It may not look that way to everyone else, but it looks like that to God because He knows where we’re supposed to be and He knows what’s best for us.

The funniest thing about that is if we’re going to church and read our bible every once in a while, we can convince ourselves that we look  just fine – like the Honda Civic. except were allowed and we’re making noise for no good reason. we’re not walking in love we don’t share the gospel of Jesus Christ with humility we judge others and all around we just don’t look like Jesus which means we just don’t look right.

I’m sharing this with you because that’s how I feel about myself right now.

Sure, I read the bible I go to church thing but I haven’t been giving got my best.

And the result is I feel frustrated angry far from god and generally on settled. There is no peace.

And even beyond that I really don’t know where I am going. And that’s because I’m not getting my instructions or my road map from the source and that is Jesus Christ.

If you’re frustrated. If you feel like you’re confused about where your life is going. Or you just angry because you feel like God doesn’t exist or God doesn’t love you, then you probably haven’t been seeking him with all of your heart.

And the bible declares when we seek Him with all of our heart that he will respond.

So my prayer is that we all would take some time to examine ourselves and be honest with ourselves and ask the Lord to draw near to us closer.

And the point of the matter is if we call Him and we decide to be closer with you then we will find Him!

If you feel your life is hopeless or it seems that there’s nothing good, I want you to know the bible declares God has plans for your life and they are good and not evil.

In fact,  if you pray and ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and you repent of your sins (that means you turn away from your ways) and you declare that you’re gonna follow Him — you will find your life will change in every way.

So pray this prayer with me: “Lord Jesus, I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done that don’t please you. But I am determined, Lord, to turn my life around and not do it with my own strength and out of my own pride, but to do it by listening to your truth. Lord, I ask you into my heart, for you to take the reigns and take control and steer me in the direction you want me to go. And I believe that you will take me out of every foul situation and every foul way of thinking and bring me into your bosom and a place of true peace and holiness and rest. It is in the name of Jesus Christ that I pray. Amen.

Go in his peace and praise God!

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