How about that for a question of the day… or a lifetime!

Recently, I heard the Lord whisper to me this question: “What is your life’s work?”

In short, He’s asking me what am I here for? What is there for me to do that only I can do?

It’s not just a question for me, but for all of us.

Let’s use Jesus as the first example. Obviously, he knew what he was here for. He got frustrated with his own mother when she asked him to perform a miracle before it was his time to enter into ministry (see the story about turning water into wine).

He would only say what he heard the Father say. He was totally surrendered to the idea of showing the love of God and providing true salvation and rest to God’s children.

The same devotion and commitment could be seen in the disciples in the book of Acts: Phillip, Steven, Peter, Paul, Silas… the list goes on.

They were willing to boldly go where no one had gone before and take on some huge risks because of one thing: they knew what they were here to do.

Nothing and no one could stop them.

And they were willing to die doing what the Lord asked them to do.

What are you willing to die for?

I would argue that if you can’t answer that question, you don’t yet know what God has called you to do.

A lot of us find our gifts and talents easily. And we harness them into a career or even a hobby.

But what if God wants us to use that talent for His glory!?

In my opinion, our gifts and talents are not just for our entertainment, joy and provision, but also a way the Lord wants to use us to expand the family of God and share the good news of the gospel.

So don’t let me chew on this question alone.


I pray you find the answer to that question, of course, with God’s help.

I’m sure if we ask, He’s more than happy to show us.

Be blessed.

Comments, questions, prayer requests are welcome here..

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