The concept and method of matyrdom has been influential for ages.

It was critical to the Arab Spring, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Civil Rights Era, etc.

Often, if not always, major change to a culture comes through the actions of a martyr.

Someone is willing to die for the cause.

Why does this work?

Because dying for the cause or being willing to die for the cause helps everyone else see that the cause is more important than they previously thought.

If someone is willing to die and lose everything, then this must be a big deal!

This is what Jesus did symbolically beyond what he did literally.

Literally, he died for our own sins and took the punishment.

Symbolically, he showed us how much God loves us.

His death makes us aware that a relationship with him and dealing with our sin is much more important than we thought.

His willingness to selflessly do something for us inspires us to selflessly give our lives to him, no matter the cost.

With that, I have two questions:

1. Have we really taken the selfless step of giving our lives to Jesus? Have we died to our dreams and our desires to trust Him?

2. Are we willing to die for our desires and give up life’s comforts to show SOMEONE ELSE that God is a much bigger deal than they once thought?

By dying to our desires, we in turn… GIVE.

We give our time, our affection, and our will to someone else’s journey to salvation.

It’s what Jesus did before the cross.

He spoke only what God told him to speak.

He did only what God told him to do.

And it initiated miracles.

It’s when we die that we give.

It’s when we give until it hurts.

You don’t have to die on a cross to start a revival.

But you do have to sacrifice yourself to save the world.

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